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Desert doesn’t have enough time to be “the best kept secret in Barcelona”.

With just two songs to their name, global bloggers began kicking around sonic comparisons to The Cocteau Twins,Broadcast and Beach House, with songs that are “a whirlpool of snappy synths and obtuse pop melodies”. Within a few months, Desert became one of the most blogged about acts out of Spain. 

Desert is Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé, and they are now in the midst of working on a full length in addition to playing some live shows in Barcelona. Look for a full length in 2014, along with a North American tour in March. 

In the time being, some of the best Spanish remixers, Marc PiñolAsterAfika Pseudobruitisimus, and Lasers, are breathing new life into Desert’s debut songs  “Camins” and the eponymous titled “Desert”.  



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